Welcome to my blog! I’m super excited to get back to blogging and sharing my love of crafting and creating. I will try to post weekly but I may get tied up in life. 
If you don’t know me… my name is Jennifer! Yes I know you expect it to be Kathy or Kathrine or kathleen… or something of that nature. Why do I go by katt? Well one is I’m a HUGE cat lady! Haha I have 5 little feline babies running round my house and two pups. Second reason is when I was 19ish I had a friend tell me that I smile like a Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland. You know the machivious little pink and purple feller with a huge smile. Well people started buying me Cheshire Cat stuff! So forward a few years and enters my desire to be a part of the online craft community. I wanted to do videos but also keep my personal life more or less personal. So I came up with an alias, cheshireKattScraps. That was 3 years ago now. – well I have decided to more or less rebrand and start again in a way. The Kraft Katt house is my newish beginning. Everyone calls me katt. Be it online craft friends or in person friends. I get called Katt as often as I do Jennifer! (Legal name change??? Hmmm) 
Since I would like to establish a more inclusive craft genre and my cat entourage has expanded I decided on The Kraft Katt House. Did you know a “herd” of cats is called a clowder?!? Strange word! But since I know and am part of the ever growing group Kit and Clowder I thought to use another name. 

So 5 cats – I have Garfield (my love) who is an adhesive junky. Mystique which is our resident feline princess. Dino, who was going to be Dinah but turned out to be a boy. Binx, yes from hocus pocus, he’s my little boo. And Stout, who is named after dark beer (my husband named him) I call him stewie (family guy) or little butt. Stout is not very cuddly or so to say doesn’t care to be loved on. I in essence have a 6th cat that I rehomed to my grandma named Emily (grandma calls her Missy). 

For my pups we have Sandy, my baby girl have had her for 10 years this year! And my forever puppy named Skipper. He is “second in command” per my husband. 

I love my fur babies!! But I can’t talk about them without including hubby. He is terrific and MINE 🙂 

He supports me (even while grumbling at the bill 😘) and encourages me to achieve my dreams. We got married in July of 2011 in sunny Southern California were we both grew up and immediately packed all our belongings (well some still reside with our parents haha!!) and moved to TEXAS! We love Texas and since I was technically born a Texan (Irving, Texas) it’s like coming home 😜 

During the hours of 630 am to approx 6pm I am enroute or at work. My job is a Purchasing assistant for an outdoor retailer. I love my job and my co-workers. Some days are a challenge but it’s always worth it in the end! In 2016 (plus 8 days) I made 4 different trips for business. They support me and push me to stretch my limits in terms of abilities. And I am always awed and thankful. 

That’s enough non Krafty talk! Next up? A tour of the (messy) Krafty Katt House? Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Welcome Back Katt! Can’t wait to see what all you’re going to have in store for us! I’ll be staying tuned in!

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